The 31st Rotation: Speaking Truth to Power

I turned 31 years old today and I am in pain. 

Physically, I have cramps that have been twisting and turning my stomach into knots for the past few days. My period has been inconsistent lately, keeping my body in a state of confusion.

Emotionally and mentally, my anxiety continues to persist, sometimes paralyzing my body and preventing me from functioning much less working on anything creative. My depression often hovers nearby, waiting to see if this time will be the next time I allow it to consume me.

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On To The Next

After serving three years at my nonprofit job, I left my post exactly one month and six days ago. The end was a closing to a chapter that I had only fantasized about but never thought would be a reality so soon. Of course, the experience was not without challenges and a handful of difficult moments – because the work is hard – despite all of it I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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